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Gaming is constantly changing and evolving.
So are its users.

Understand gamers, design for the future

We work with a broad range of gamer audiences to understand their behaviours, motivations, needs and experiences. Ultimately, what is shaping and influencing gamer behaviour in relation to what they play, how and when they play, and what shapes their purchase behaviours for games and gaming technologies.

Build, test and launch with confidence

From early-stage concepts, playtesting, pre-launch marketing assets and post-launch evaluation, research ensures that your game, hardware or service is tested for success.

Partner with industry experts

We are gaming experts. Our experience spans console, mobile, VR and hardware. We work internationally, bringing together culturally diverse audiences to help our clients understand gamer behaviours, needs and preferences in different markets. We utilize a broad suite of cutting-edge tools and quantitative methodologies to deliver insight that makes an impact.


What we do


Test the appeal of new games and concepts

Get key insights at all stages of the development  for new games, from early concepts and artwork, to playtesting early builds, through to pre-launch marketing assets.

Get expert support to help you develop the next generation of successful games

  • Ideate and develop new thinking
  • Test early concepts and assets - benchmark against other competitors
  • Identify key features and USPs to attract players
  • Explore reactions to various assets such as characters, environments, lore
  • Identify potential key audiences early on, to inform development
  • Playtest games at different stages of development
  • Develop pricing strategy
  • Identify most effective marketing assets and what they convey to players
Understand Audiences

Learn more about your players and target audiences

Understand what makes gamers tick, their needs, motivations and behaviour. Use a deeper understanding of audience motivations and behaviours to develop winning games and products, and to market more effectively

  • Size the market and identify opportunities
  • Segment the market and identify different audiences
  • Map and profile different player needs
  • Immerse yourself with players' behaviour
  • Understand the gameplay experience through the player's eyes
Map the market

Identify key opportunities within the market

Build a comprehensive view of the current market and how players perceive brands / IPs / developers. Identify where your brand or product can stand out from the crowd and reach more players

  • See your brand equity through players' eyes
  • Understand specific genres and where brands / IPs sit within this space
  • Identify opportunities in the market where players' needs are unmet

We support throughout the development cycle for new software and hardware

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Market understanding

Understanding brand equity, identifying strengths and opportunities for your brand or IP

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Market Opportunity

Explore the potential for new games by understanding the addressable market and potential for a new title

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Player understanding

Detailed player profiling, understanding behaviours, needs, motivations and experiences

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Quickfire testing

Pre-development testing to identify concepts for ‘green-lighting’

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Concept testing

Detailed concept testing to identify key audiences and product USPs

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Asset development

Evaluation of assets such as characters, environments, storyline and other game assets to support the development process

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Testing of pre or post launch builds, including detailed discussion and exploration of the player experience

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Pre-launch assessment

Test and refine pre-launch marketing assets, box art and launch campaign messaging

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Post-launch effectiveness

Measuring awareness, consideration and purchase. Identifying opportunities to optimize future campaigns

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