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Insights & consultancy for business solution providers

We help global brands develop the next generation of products and services for their business clients. Whether you are targeting one man bands and SOHOs or trying to reach key decision makers in large and enterprise businesses, we can help you to better understand your audiences, target them more effectively and build products and services that meet their needs. We understand the importance of sector knowledge, and our work covers a broad spectrum of business verticals and decision makers.

Strategic insights to support marketing services

We partner with some of the world’s leading leading global marketing, PR and strategy agencies. Our insights and thinking support the innovation and creative processes that help to drive growth for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our expertise in international research spanning healthcare, technology and B2B is routinely employed to help our clients develop new strategies and thinking for their clients.

We understand the role and importance of high quality research within the strategic design process, which is why our agency clients routinely partner with us to get the insights they need to develop the next generation of solutions for their client’s brands

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What we do

Understand Audiences

Learn more about your customers and key decision-makers

Understand business decision-makers, their needs, motivations and behaviours. Use a deeper understanding of priorities and needs to target your customers more effectively and build products and solutions that they need for their business.

  • Segment the market and target audiences
  • Map and profile needs
  • Understand usage and behaviour
  • Explore unmet needs and gaps in the market

Create, develop and test new products and services

Build, develop and test new products and solutions designed for businesses. We help at all stages of the innovation process for new solutions, from ideation, concept testing, pre-launch strategy and post-launch evaluation. Use our sector and vertical knowledge to help to come up with, test and refine new ideas

  • Size the market and opportunities
  • Ideate and develop new thinking
  • Test propositions and prototypes
  • Design services and experiences
  • Develop pricing strategy

Demonstrate sector and industry knowledge and expertise

Showcase your sector expertise and build category credentials through thought leadership research and reports. Understand what is affecting your sector, identify key trends and thinking that will impact it moving forward.

  • Interview leading industry and sector experts
  • Showcase future thinking
  • Identify emerging trends and shifts in the market
Measure performance

Track and monitor company performance

Understand how your company, product and service is performing in the market and track over time. Use these insights to build a deeper understanding of how your business is perceived by your customers and your employees. Develop strategies to improve experience and build loyalty.

  • Measure NPS and customer satisfaction
  • Measure and track employee satisfaction
  • Understand campaign effectiveness
  • Monitor loyalty and churn

Develop your brand and communications

Gain a deeper understanding of how your brand is perceived vs your competitors. Use these insights to understand your relative position within a sector and verticals. Use these insights to iterate your brand, and develop effective marketing and communication strategies.

  • Test and refine marcomms
  • Develop visual identity
  • Map your brand across different markets and sectors
  • Test campaign and message effectively
Buyer behaviour

Understand decision-makers and why people buy

Understand how decision-makers make sense of your category, their purchase decisions and customer journeys. Use this to guide strategy across all touchpoints and sales channels.

  • Map customer journeys and understand how decision-makers navigate the category
  • Understand the purchase cycle and role of different individuals and departments
  • Assess the effectiveness and different touchpoints within the journey

Our expertise spans a broad cross section of sectors and decision makers

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Helping to meet the challenges of the education and EdTech sector

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Transport and Logistics

Working with organisations to build knowledge around their B2B customer base

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Supporting the supply chain and logistics arm of the healthcare sector delivering products and services to manufacturers, pharmacies and healthcare professionals

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Technology, Telco & Connectivity

Understanding the changing requirements of business decision makers for solutions spanning IT, connectivity and cybersecurity

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Helping clients to develop products and solutions to support the next generation of retail
and help meet the changing demands and expectations of consumers

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Spanning manufacturing and production we uncover the priorities and needs of a range of different businesses and decision makers

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From sole traders to the largest developers we help identify new opportunities and build a deeper understanding of buyer behaviours and customer journeys

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Financial Services

Providing insight into the priorities for the banking, insurance & taxation sectors, and the needs of businesses in relation to financial services

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Charity & 3rd Sector

Helping organisations build a deeper understanding of their supporters, drive behaviour change and develop effective campaigns that maximise giving opportunities

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