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Insights to drive the next generation of treatment

Healthcare is evolving.
So are its users.

Bryter generates insight to drive healthcare innovation and growth throughout product lifecycle. We achieve this through consultancy, the application of behavioural science principles, cultural understanding, and advanced analytics.

  • Our work spans therapy areas in Biopharma, MedTech, and Consumer Health
  • Bryter deliver insights from healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and the general public
  • Supercharged by innovation, we utilise the most up-to-date tools, AI, and novel methodologies to produce more insightful results and deliver projects faster
  • Bryter is a global agency, with deep understanding of the differences in markets across EMEA, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and beyond
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What we do

Track performance

Map, measure, and track disease management and treatment

Get an expert view of the market using ATU studies to measure launch performance and track in-life performance. 

Utilize specialist in-depth qualitative interviews and robust quant sizing to truly understand the practicalities of treatment and perceptions of your product.

  • Understand HCP brand engagement
  • Map patient pathways
  • Size the market and prioritise opportunities
  • Follow the physician's journey from initial awareness through to regular prescribing
  • Assess where your product sits in the competitive landscape, and how to shift perceptions

Create, develop and test new product and services

Be guided through the innovation and product development journey.

  • Size the market, opportunities, and product applicability
  • Ideate and develop new thinking
  • Inform TPP and trial design
  • Test propositions and concepts
  • Design services and experiences
  • Develop and test pricing strategy
  • Conduct sensory tests and product trials
Understand the market and audience

Uncover goals, priorities, motivations, and behaviours

Utilise deep understanding of your target audiences to understand lived experience, develop new solutions based on authentic needs, and market more effectively

  • Segment the market and identify different audiences
  • Uncover and profile needs
  • Understand usage and behaviour, drivers and barriers to adoption
  • Tap into key trends and cultural factors that shape preferences 
  • Map patient/shopper journeys and assess responses to places and stimuli
  • Understand the importance of information-seeking and touchpoints

Develop and position brand communications

Gain a deeper understanding of how your brand and communications are perceived, and develop effective marketing and communication strategies

  • Understand how your brand is perceived, opportunities for refinement and brand stretch
  • Develop and test visual identity, packaging, and brand assets
  • Understand how consumers navigate the category and your offer to build the most effective portfolio strategy
  • Test pre-launch marketing materials, campaigns, and messages for effectiveness
Build omnichannel strategy

Get cut through via digital channels

Understand content and channel preference to succeed in an omnichannel world. We work in partnership with digital marketing departments to help create successful strategies.

  • Move beyond simply reviewing current behaviour or auditing channel use.
  • Understand which combination of channels offers the best return on investment for your product at different stages of the product lifecycle
  • Develop successful content strategies and understand campaign performance
  • Build on performance data with deeper qualitative insights
  • Profile your target audience: how they engage with pharmaceutical companies, their needs and preferences
User experience

Optimize your (UX and UI testing)

Design user-friendly and effective websites, applications, and digital tools. 

Explore the outcomes desired by your users, how effectively you deliver these, and the impact of calls to action. Use best practice UX research to optimise development and improve user satisfaction.

  • Uncover user experience insights
  • Determine ease of use, number of clicks, and amount of time searching for information
  • Ensure adherence to best-practice design principles and guidelines
  • Analysis by user story, ability to complete required tasks and effectiveness of calls to action
  • Work within ISO 62366

Get your research published

Create rich stories backed by robust data that stand up to scrutiny.

Bryter surveys have led to over 50 accepted submissions in areas as diverse as immunology, diabetes, vaccines, men's health and rare diseases.

  • Liaison with Steering Committees
  • Drafting protocols 
  • Facilitating ethics/IRB review
  • Abstract Creation
  • Poster design

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