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Humans are fallible. We like to present ourselves as rational beings but this simply isn’t the case. Our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours are a result of the interplay between culture and cognitive biases. At Bryter, we are experts at uncovering these hidden levers of human response providing deeper insights into how we make decisions and choices.

Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science is a cross-discipline field that dives deep into human cognition to understand what truly drives behaviour. At Bryter, we tackle business challenges from a behaviour-led point of view and bring cutting-edge thinking to our research methodologies, design, and our final recommendations.

Use these approaches for…

Behaviour Change

Affect change in your audiences

We employ a range of behaviour change tools and methodologies to help our clients build a deeper understanding of why people behave the way they do, the barriers that exist to changing their behaviour and the strategies required to prompt and enable change.

We assess how consumer behaviour occurs in the context of your specific challenge, then blend the appropriate gold standard behavioural models such as COM-B and B-MAP into our research design thinking, analysis, and advanced analytic methodologies.

These approaches allow you to add a behavioural edge to segmentation, customer journey mapping, and product uptake strategy

Choice architecture

Develop effective product portfolios and pricing

Behavioural science can be a powerful tool in choice architecture studies to promote better decision-making or guide consumers towards optimal choices. By building a deeper understanding of how people make choices we can guide these choices in a more optimal manner and design environments that better align with consumer needs and preferences.

Use these approaches to gather feedback on the effectiveness and design of how products are grouped and presented, how different pricing options are constructed and shown, and what default options to set to enable fast decision-making benefits for your business and your customers

Comms Development

Structure communications that resonate

Use behavioural science to develop effective communication strategies by understanding how people process information and make decisions. Test and refine communication strategies to create messages that are more persuasive, engaging, and impactful.

Behavioural science research has shown that people are more likely to remember information that is presented in a simple and memorable format. Use this insight to craft messages that are concise, easy to understand, and memorable.

Understand how emotions influence decision-making and incorporate emotional appeal into your messaging to create a stronger connection with your audiences and increase the likelihood of a desired outcome.

New product development

Develop products that align with human needs

Use the principles of behavioural science to develop new products and services by understanding how people make decisions and identifying unmet needs and desires. Use these insights to create products that better align with consumer behaviour and preferences.

Use our needs-based framework to identify what needs your product or service can meet, and to map the market. Identify white spaces for innovation or opportunities for specialized or diffused solutions in more crowded categories.

By understanding what motivates and influences consumer behaviour, you can create products that fulfil needs and desires in a unique and compelling way.

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