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Understand cultural differences

Humans are products of their culture. All our actions and behaviours are the reproduction, exchange, remixing and creation of signs and symbols that carry cultural meaning. Cultural differences impact consumer preferences, attitudes, and behaviours. By understanding this cultural context we can present our brands and offers in a way that is more meaningful and engaging and develop winning strategies at a global and local level. By employing key thinking from the social sciences we help our client to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural influences that shape and influence consumer thinking and behaviour and ensure that international strategies and product launches have a unique cultural proposition that can be adapted and communicated at a local market level. 

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Connect more meaningfully with your audiences

Attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are shaped culturally. That is why responses to taste, smells, colours, materials and sounds are not universal. Semiotics helps us to uncover vital data that is hidden under layers of attitudes and beliefs learnt over time. Because these ideas are valuable to humans, uncovering them and representing them back through product designs, propositions and communications helps us to connect with audiences in a more meaningful way. Use this approach to develop new packaging, advertising, and branding or to build a deeper understanding of how your category is constructed and the signs and symbols used to denote meaning and values.

Social Anthropology

Build deeper cultural understanding

Anthropology uncovers the rich contextual cultural knowledge, needed to understand lived experiences, rituals, and belief systems. Gain a deeper understanding of how different cultures function and behave, and how people living in different societies behave and bring meaning to their lives. A deeper understanding of these behaviours and motivations can help to uncover new opportunities and ways to connect at a deeper and more meaningful way with different audiences. Use this to develop brand narratives, develop new products, services and consumer propositions that make a stronger connection and carry more meaning in your chosen markets of operation.

Discourse Analysis

Discover the true meanings hidden in speech

Discourse analysis is a method of studying language and communication in social contexts. It can be used to analyze how people talk about and make meaning of products, brands, and services. Discourse analysis can provide insights into the social and cultural meanings associated with different products, the power dynamics and relationships involved in consumer behaviour, or to uncover how people really feel about a subject they struggle to articulate or be upfront about.

By analyzing the language used by consumers, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience's needs and preferences, and develop more effective marketing strategies that resonate with their target audiences. Discourse analysis can be especially useful in studying niche or subcultural markets, where language and meaning are particularly important. 

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