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Businesses need to make fast decisions but built on a foundation of solid insights. Bryter’s suite of Faster research tools helps you get the information you need in a timely manner so you can be confident in fast decision making. Fast insights for strategic decision making

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Ideation and sprints

Kick start the innovation and idea generation process with ideation workshops. Create future propositions, and help to build the roadmap for short and medium term strategy. Listen to the needs of key target audiences, develop ideas in real time, bring them to life and take into testing for instant feedback. Fast track winning ideas into further qualitative development or quantitative validation with Bryter’s fast concept and claims testing tools.

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Concept development

Test and develop campaigns and concepts faster with Bryter's online campaign and concept development tool and approach. Get qualitative feedback in the group chat, and use key qualitative metrics and polls to test for appeal and relevance. Bryter team moderate groups, Stakeholders observe in real-time and can feed into the discussions via the client chat portal. Download results and reports instantly and fast-track development prior to quantitative testing and validation.

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Claims testing

Test claims online and receive results in under a week, cost-effectively compared to a standard research approach. Upload claims via Bryter's client portal, enabling stakeholders as well as insight teams to commission research, using standardised questions allowing for comparisons and benchmarking of results. Integrate advanced analytics to determine message and claim hierarchies.

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Audience understanding

Get closer to consumers and capture real-time insights. Follow consumers on their customer journeys, gain a window into their lives and routines and hear them tell their story in their own words. Digital ethnography is faster and more efficient than traditional ethnography. Participants respond to tasks and document their experiences via a smartphone app with data uploaded to a real-time dashboard for in-the-moment analysis.

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